Warranty - Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

You will receive a full Policy Document setting out in detail, the terms and conditions of insurance. The following provides key detail from the Policy Document.
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The reasonable costs of parts and labour to repair the actual failure of mechanical or electrical components listed below, due to a sudden and forseen happening during normal use.
See Schedule of Components below

Additional benefits


a)   accommodation costs up to $100 per night to a maximum of 3 nights provided you are unable to return to your normal place of residence and the insurer accepts a labour time in excess of six hours continuous labour to repair your vehicle.
b)   car hire costs up to $100 per night to a maximum of 3 days provided you are more than 100 kilometres from your normal place of residence and the insurer accepts a labour time in excess of six hours continuous labour to repair your vehicle.
Note: Benefits in a) and b) are included within the Individual Claims Limits detailed above.

Roadside Rescue

Up to 3 FREE callouts, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for –
·         Flat tyre
·         Flat battery
·         Run out of fuel
·         Locked out
·         Breakdown (up to $100 per tow – included within the Individual 
                      Claims Limits)

Conditions of Roadside Rescue benefits
Roadside Rescue will not provide:

a) Assistance where your vehicle -
    i)  has been left unattended
    ii) requires specialised salvage equipment or is not within easy
        access of a public road which is negotiable by a two wheel drive
        vehicle or cannot be accessed due to extreme conditions such as
        snow, ice, flooding, road slips or the like
    iii) was being used for racing, speed testing, reliability trials,
         competitions or offorad activity
    iv) was being used for hire or reward
b) Assistance where you require towing services -
    i)  as a result of accident or collision
    ii) as a result of misuse of the vehicle
    iii) for towed vehicles such as boats, trailers, caravans
    iv) for vehicles exceeding 3500 kilogrames gross vehicles weight



$250 per claim (or as specified on the Warranty Registration Form)

(why is there an “excess”? An “excess” is an amount you pay for each unrelated claim. It is common insurance practice to include an “excess” to keep premium levels down, and to act as a dis-incentive to false claims, which would drive up prices for everyone)

Limits of liability


Vehicle mileage
claim limit
Period of
insurance limit
Up to 125,000 Kms
$6,000 or Purchase Price of the vehicle – whichever is the lesser amount
125,001 – 200,000 Kms
Over 200,000 Kms




The insurer is not liable for –
1)    Faults occurring on the vehicle during the manufacturers warranty  
2)    Costs relating to loss of use of the vehicle.
3)    Accidental damage, theft, misuse, failure to carry out service
 requirements, faulty repair, and any consequential damage.
4)    Any defect which was in existence prior to the commencement of
 the Policy as is any resultant damage caused by an existing defect.
5)    Rectifying any failure of or defect in design or specification of a
6)    Service items and maintenance, including but not limited to filters, 
 antifreeze, oil, fuel, tune ups, grease, spark plugs, glass, lights,
 drive belts and hoses, wheel balances or alignment, and any
 consequential damage.
7)     Body panels, paintwork, trim, upholstery, seat belts, noises, tyres,
  brightwork and fuel tanks.
8)     Toll calls, facsimile charges and freight.
9)     Audio equipment, aerials, exhaust systems, batteries, clutch and 
  brake friction materials.
10)    Diesel, turbo and exotic vehicles unless indicated on               
  the Registration Form and the appropriate premium or loading has
  been paid.
11)   Any claim which is fraudulent in any respect.

Excluded Vehicles

1)   Vehicles which have been or are used in racing competitions,    
      trial or rallies.
2)   Vehicles modified from manufacturers specifications after point  
      of sale.
3)   Couriers, buses, rentals, taxis and any fare paying customer  
4)    All USA imported Vehicles unless first registered in New Zealand.
5)    All high performance Vehicles or sports cars.
5)    Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jensen, Lamborghini, Lotus,
       Maserati, Mazda Rotary, Porsche, Rolls Royce, TVR Morgan.
Exotic Vehicles
The following vehicles qualify provided the appropriate loading has been paid:
Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Daimler, Fiat, Jaguar, Landrover, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi GTO, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Peugeot, Range Rover, Renault, Rover, Saab, Subaru 4WD Turbo, all Twin Turbos, Volkswagon, Volvo, Chrysler Jeep.

Important duties

1) The policy must remain in the vehicle at all times.
2) The vehicle must be serviced in accordance with stated minimum
     requirements, every 15,000 kms for petrol and 7,500
     kms for diesel, and all service and maintenance records must be
     kept for forwarding to the insurer in the event of a claim.
3) Reasonable care must be taken at all times to avoid loss covered by
    the policy.

Component Cover


Any parts not listed are specifically excluded from the policy cover.

Air conditioning
Cooling fan/fan motor
Gas as part of repair only
Automatic/Manual transmissions & overdrive/transfer box
Casings and all internal components
Braking system
ABS  - Compressor and Modulator
ABS wheel sensors
Master cylinder
Wheel cylinders
(Burnt or worn clutch linings are excluded)
Clutch cable
Clutch fork
Centre plate
Pressure plate
Release bearing
Master cylinder
Slave cylinder
Cooling system
Cooling fan thermostat
Engine cooling fan motor
Heater matrix
Radiator/Oil cooler
Thermostat & housing
Viscous fan
Water pump
Casings and all internal components
Ecu-ignition computer
Electronic ignition - module
Heater fan motor
Idle sensors
Indicator unit (relay only)
Starter motor
Transmission computer
Washer motors
Windscreen wiper motors
Ancillary shaft
Automatic drive plate
Balance shafts
Cambelt / Tensioner
Camshaft followers
Connecting rods & pins
Cylinder block
Cylinder head
Cylinder head gasket
Cylinder liners
Crankshaft pulley
Distributor drive gear
Distributor drive shaft
Flywheel & ring gear
Hydraulic tappets
Manifold studs
Oil pressure relief valve
Oil pump
Pistons & rings
Pushrods & tappets
Rocker shafts
Shell bearings & internal bushes
Timing chain tensioner
Timing gears & chain
Valves & guides (excluding burnt valves)
Valve seat inserts
Valve springs
Front suspension
(excluding rubber mountings & bushes)
Coil springs
Leaf springs
Anti roll bar
Anti tramp bar
Stub axle
Upper & lower wishbones
Upper & lower ball joints
Wheel bearings
Front wheel assembly
Constant velocity joints (excluding boots)
Final drive unit
Free wheeling hub
Shaft bearings & bushes
Transfer gears
Transfer casing
Safety airbags
Air bag module
Centre console sensors
Footwell sensors
Fuel system
(excluding contamination to any parts listed)
Air Flow meter
Fuel gauge/Sender unit
Fuel pump
Fuel flow sensor
Fuel governor
Fuel injection pump
Glow plugs & timer
Lift pumps
Warmup regulator
Prop shaft
(excluding rubber mountings)
CV joints (excluding boots)
Universal joints
Rear suspension
(excluding rubber mountings & bushes)
Anti roll bar
Constant velocity joints (excluding boots)
Coil springs
Hub assembly
Leaf springs
Stub axle
Trailing arms
Wheel bearings
Steering gear
(excluding rubber mountings & bushes)
Drop arm
Power steering rack & pinion
Reservoir & pressure pipes
Speed sensor
Steering box
Idler box
Power steering pump
Intermediate shaft
Steering column universal joints
Turbo unit
(if specified on policy Registration Form)
Housing (excxluding external damage)
Viscous couplings
Internal components


Claims procedure

Dismantling may be necessary to determine if there is a valid claim. You will be reimbursed provided a claim is accepted. Only you can authorise dismantling.
The insurer accepts no liability for repairs carried out without their prior approval.
1) Contact the Insurer
2) If the vehicle can be driven safely without causing further damage
    take it to the nearest MTA garage or Approved Repairer otherwise
    have it towed to them.

3) Present your policy and Service Record to the repairer and have
    them contact the Insurer

4) Providing the servicing has been maintained by you, the loss is not 
    a policy exclusion, and you have complied with the terms and
    conditions of the Policy, the claim will be accepted and an
    authorisation number will be provided to the Approved Repairer for
    agreed cost of repair only

5) All repair invoices must be forwarded to the Insurer. The invoices
    must detail repairs, labour, parts and outwork (separate invoices
    required) and must quote authorisation numbers and Policy number
    on all invoices


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