Terms of Use

Where you elect to use the Cars2GO site, you agree that -

As a Seller -

  1. When using the Ad Creator or Editor facility, you will -
      a) take all care and responsibility to provide accurate information regarding the car you are listing
      b) not include text, photos, electronic files or other material which may reasonably be considered inappropriate or offensive
      c) not include any links to other websites
      d) not edit details in a listing so as to effectively create a new Ad for a different vehicle without payment of the listing fee.
  2. Cars2GO is not obliged to publish your vehicle listing to the publicly viewable site until payment has been cleared.
  3. You undertake that you are not a dealer in motor vehicles or Motor Vehicle Trader.
  4. Upon the sale of your car, you will promptly delete your Ad listing.
  5. You agree that the breach of any of these conditions of use will entitle Cars2GO to remove the listing from the site or amend the offending or inappropriate content without notice, and without compensation or reimbursement to you .
  6. You agree when advertising your car to place a "Supplier Information Notice" on your vehicle, as provided by Cars2GO.

As a Buyer -

  1. Cars2GO does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by Sellers on the site, and Buyers should satisfy themselves of such details.
  2. Cars2GO does not warrant that the price asked by a Seller is appropriate relative to the market for such vehicles, and the Buyer should satisfy themself as to the price they agree to purchase the vehicle at.

As either a Buyer or a Seller

  1. Cars2GO does not guarantee that applications for Finance or Warranties will be successful. This depends on the criteria set and decisions by the Finance Company or the Warranty provider.
  2. Cars2GO does not buy or sell the vehicles listed and does not receive commission from the Seller for the sale of the vehicle. Buyers buy direct from the Seller.
  3. Cars2GO receives a commission from the Finance Company for Finance arranged through the Cars2GO site.
  4. Cars2GO shall not be liable for any loss or damage (whether financial or personal) arising from use of the site; from any sale and purchase (or attempted sale and purchase) of a vehicle listed in the site; or from the purchase (or attempted purchase) of any Warranty or any Finance arranged (or attempted to be arranged) through the site; or from the use of any service advertised or referred to on the site. 
  5. Cars2GO has taken reasonable steps to ensure buyers and sellers are aware of their rights and obligations in respect of buying and selling motor vehicles, in particular the obligation of a seller to place a "Supplier Information Notice" on any vehicle they advertise through the Cars2GO site.
  6. Cars2GO takes all reasonable steps to support the constant operation and availability of the site, but cannot absolutely guarantee availability for reasons associated with the operations of the sites host.
  7. Sale and purchase of a motor vehicle is unable to be completed through, or by means of the Cars2Go site.  The sale and purchase is conducted directly between the buyer and seller.

By placing your advertisement with Cars2GO you agree to these terms and conditions of business.

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