Easy access to Vehicle Finance for that car you really want at private sale prices, with -

  • Online Finance Calculator for an indication of payments
  • Online Finance Application Form
  • Reputable Finance Company

How does it work?

  • Arrange Finance in advance, so that when you see the car you want you've already got pre-approved finance, or
  • Apply for Finance at the time you find the car you want to buy.

Finance approval is subject to normal lending criteria.

Step 1         

Sign up a conditional Purchase Agreement with the Seller (available from the Seller). Note: this still entitles the Seller to sell to a cash buyer if you can't arrange your Finance in the agreed time.

Step 2

You deal direct with the Finance Company, using Cars2GO's easy to use online "No Obligation" Enquiry Form and online Finance Application Form. Obviously you'll need to meet all the usual qualifying lending criteria.

Step 3

When your Finance is confirmed by the Finance Company let  the Seller know to confirm your purchase. You'll be sent a cheque. When the payment has cleared, make your payment to the Seller.

Should I use Vehicle Finance or borrow on my Mortgage ?

It's tempting to put the loan on your mortgage, but is it really cheaper?
You can end up paying a lot more in the long term if you don't manage the extra mortgage lending well.
Consider this example comparison of Mortage Lending and Vehicle Finance 

Use the Finance Calculator to work out your Monthly or Weekly payments choosing your preferred Repayment Term and using indicative Finance Rates.




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