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Re-registering a de-registered vehicle?

Relicensing a de-registered vehicle?

If a vehicle has been de-registered or had its registration cancelled, it must be re-registered to use it on the road again. This involves a safety inspection, certification, registration and licensing. This will be done by an LTSA agency (Automobile Association (AA); Vehicle Identification New Zealand (VINZ); Vehicle Testing New Zealand (VINZ) - see Auto Suppliers section for contact details in your location).

Fees for this service vary between different providers from around $75

Step 1 Take vehicle to agent with evidence -
          - of previous NZ registration (e.g. old registration papers or registration plates)
          - that you are the person entitled to register it (e.g. WOF receipt; insurance policy)

Step 2 Agent inspects vehicle and  -
          - attaches VIN No.
          - issues Record of Certification 
          - adds information to the Motor Vehicle Register
          - issues Warrant of Fitness

Step 3 You re-register the vehicle (The Agent can do this for you or you can do this yourself through the usual channels - within the time prescribed in the Record of Certification)

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