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Difference between 'VIN No., Registration & Licensing'

VIN No. (or Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique 17 digit number which is permanently attached to the vehicle. It acts as the primary way of identifying the vehicle (unlike Registration Number Plates which can change). It is different from the "chassis" No. or "engine" No. If you are re-registering a un-registered vehicle you'll need to get new VIN No.s

Registration is the process of recording the vehicle and its ownership on the motor vehicle register and issuing number plates.

Licensing is the process of payment to operate the vehicle on the road for which a Licence Label is issued. 

Licensing Fees are -   

License Duration


(non petrol)   

(< than 61cc)  

(> 61cc)

3 months             





6 months             





12 months





As at January 2008

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