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Section 14 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 requires that -

  • if you advertise a vehicle through a car market operator you must attach to the vehicle a "Supplier Information Notice".  
  • a car market operator must take reasonable steps to ensure that you place such a notice.

What is a "Supplier Information Notice"

A "Supplier Information Notice" is a standard 2-page Notice setting out important information relating to the vehicle for sale including whether money is owed on the vehicle, and the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers of private motor vehicles.  It contains information over and above that which is contained in your Cars2GO Ad.  Please click here to get a "Supplier Information Notice" , which you can print out and fill out by hand to place on your car.

What is a "Car Market Operator"

The Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 introduces the concept of a "Car Market Operator" which is deemed to be a Motor Vehicle Trader. This is defined as including the operation of "any facility (e.g. an Internet web page) for the primary purpose of facilitating the sale of used motor vehicles (which sale is completed through, or by means of, that facility)."

The sale of motor vehicles advertised on the Cars2GO site are not "completed "by through, or by means of, [the Cars2GO website].  Cars2GO is therefore not a Motor Vehicle Trader. 

Even though Cars2GO is not a Motor Vehicle Trader, a "Supplier Information Notice" is provided for your use.

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