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To load up photos yourself

Step 1 

You'll need to have saved your digital photo to your own PC directory. You'll access this when you load the photos into your Ad.
For FREE 1 photo Ads - save the photo as 200 pixels Wide X 150 pixels High
For 3 Photo and 9 Photo Ads - save the photo as 640 pixels Wide X 480 pixels High 

Follow your photo editing software "Help" section to do this.
If you can't figure it out just put the photo in as is. We'll edit it at our end. (until then your photo will tend to take a while to download).

Step 2

When you enter the Listing section, you'll type in your text details (Make, Model, Price etc).  When you come to the Insert Photo section, simply -

           - click on "Browse"
           - go to the directory where you saved the photo(s)
           - highlight the desired photo and click "insert" or "open" depending on your PC software.

Repeat for additional photos.

If you have any problems -
- send a Hard Copy of your photos to 2GO Group, PO Box 31 655, Lower Hutt or
- attach your photos as an email to

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