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Give your self  the "peace of mind" that if you experience any unforseen problem with your new car, you're not exposed to a major unplanned expense.

Now you can access Motor Vehicle Warranties with Cars2GO.

Warranty Details

Vehicles up to 125,000 km
at point of sale



12 months   

 24 months   

36 months





 PLUS  Premium of     $225
 for all or any of the following:
 Turbo, 4 Wheel Drive, Diesel,
 Exotic (Euro / Racers)




To see how little extra it costs to buy your warranty when you also arrange Finance, check out the online Finance Calculator
Paying cash for the car? You can still purchase a warranty on its own.

To purchase a Warranty

1.  Email, specifying -

  • Your Name, Address and Phone contact details
  • Warranty period (12, 24 or 36 months)
  • Details of the vehicle (year, make , model, Kms, Engine Number, , CC rating, Turbo / 4WD, Diesel / Exotic)
  • Purchase date, Purchase price

2.  Make your payment -
     - by cheque to 2GO Group, and post to PO Box 31 655 Lower Hutt, or
     - set up a one-off internet banking payment to Account No. 030539  0227970  00


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