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Pre Purchase Inspection

Buying a car will be one of your biggest financial commitments.
Add to this the fact that the stuff under the bonnet, has got more and more complicated.
In addition to taking out a warranty on your next car, you're wise to check the vehicle out thoroughy before committing to buy.

You can -

  • do this yourself or with a friend who's clued up on cars, or
  • use a recognised, independent vehicle testing agency (e.g. Vehicle Testing New Zealand's (VTNZ's) VT Check)

Test-driving a vehicle

The seller of the car, is generally going to be slightly nervous about letting a total stranger drive off in their car.
They may wish to accompany you while you drive it.
If they don't suggest accompanying you, create some good will by offering them your own car keys as security or leave some item of value (such as your watch). This is likely to create an element of goodwill, which is useful when you come to talk about price.

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